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50 Munroe Falls Ave. Ste. 6
P. O. Box 172
Munroe Falls OH 44262

Office phone and fax: 330-688-4580

Practice Areas

Attorney Mark L. Sweeney small business lawyer

Small Business Formation and Tax Strategy

Attorney Mark Sweeney has spent his life in business. His grandparents on both sides kept businesses operating during the Great Depression and his parents operated a business until they retired. Prior to becomming an attorney, Mr. Sweeney earned a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree and spent 15 years in management at an international corporation. After completing his law degree, Mr. Sweeney earned a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in taxation degree which he has applied to help local businesses save thousands of tax dollars per year. Mr. Sweeney assures his business clients that within one year the tax savings they will recieve from following his advice will more than offset his attorney fees for forming the business.

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Attorney Mark L. Sweeney estate planning lawyer

Estate Planning: Wills and Trusts; Special Needs Trusts; Survivorship Deeds

Estate planning is the area of law that lets us determine who receives our money and property at the end of our lives. Attorney Sweeney counsels his estate planning clients to avoid Probate Court by going beyond merely preparing wills. For many, survivorship deeds effectively supplement their wills. Others might decide to create trusts, wherein trustees hold money and property for the benefit of beneficiaries. Special needs trusts allow families to leave money for the benefit of disabled people without interfering with diability benefits.

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Attorney Mark L. Sweeney debtor rights lawyer

Debtor Rights Litigation

This is the age of third party debt collection, where companies do not bother to collect their own debts, but rather sell their debts to third parties. Third party debt collectors often use low skilled employees to deceive and intimidate debtors. As a former corporate manager, Attorney Sweeney very much enjoys challenging debt collectors, who typically either have not followed the proper procedures to file a civil law suit in Ohio, or are unable to prove according to Ohio law that defendants actually incurred the debts in question.

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Attorney Mark L. Sweeney juvenile litigaton lawyer

Juvenile Dependency and Deliquency Litigation

Generally, parties to a Juvenile case are eligible for court appointed attorneys. However there are instances when a person would want to hire an attorney (known as "retaining" an attorney), such as when a family member would want to seek custody of a child placed with Children Services, or when a parent would want a juvenile to be represented by an attorney prior to the first court appearance in a deliquency case. Attorney Sweeney has practiced in Juvenile Court as both a court appointed and retained attorney since 2004 and currently appears there several times a week.

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The law office of Mark Sweeney is conveniently located for residents of Akron, Brimfield, Cuyahoga Falls, Kent, Hudson, Macedonia, Northfield, Silver Lake, Stow, Tallmadge, Twinsburg, and other communities in Summit County, Portage County, and the Stow Municipal Court District.

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